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fic: present 
12th-Jun-2011 12:54 pm
Title: Present
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Set: indeterminate amount of time after Tron: Legacy
Lengh: 1 page in Word
Summary: Sam gets Quorra a present.
A/N: oboe_wan pressured me to write kissyfic, so herein is the tiniest and fluffiest of ficlets. It's pretty much just a wee fluffy Angora bunny of fic. lol

Sam returned to see Quorra sitting in the middle of the floor, surrounded by papers. Pencils, pens, highlighters, and a multi-color pack of Sharpies put to good use, Quorra had apparently been getting in touch with her creative side. At a glance, some of the art seemed to be quite good and detailed, while other pages were simply bright and abstract. She looked up from a drawing of Marv, which was definitely better-looking than the dog himself.

“Hi, Sam,” she grinned.

Sam vaguely registered a passing feeling not unlike the one he got before jumping off something very high. “Hey, Quorra. I got you something.”

“You did?” She stood up and looked at him with a bright expression.

“Yeah.” He held out a package in brown paper. “Having it wrapped might have been a bit much, but I thought this might have been your first present.”

She really did look like a kid on Christmas morning. Totally worth it.

She excitedly took the present, felt its weight, and curiously turned it over a few times.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well, you take the paper off and find out.”

She carefully slipped a finger (possessing two marker splotches in green and purple) under the wrapping and worked it open. Inside was a somewhat distressed old red book with gold on the cover: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Quorra’s face lit up brighter than anything he had yet seen as she hugged the book close, then gazed at him, starry-eyed, mouth agape in wonder.

“Oh, Sam!” She pulled the book away from her chest and caressed the cover, then knelt down to peek inside at the pages.

Sam was grinning, too. “I’m not sure if you know French, but I figured you’d know what was going on, and the illustrations were pretty nice, so...”

Quorra sprung up, leaving the book on the floor, and wrapped her arms around Sam as tightly as she had hugged the book. She then lifted her head and kissed him firmly. Sam held her for a long moment, kissing her back, enjoying the feel of her lips and body pressed to his until she pulled back.

“Thank you, Sam” she said breathlessly.

He nodded faintly, then leaned back into her for a gentler kiss. He felt her smile against his lips, then relax into the second kiss. Her arms loosened, but her hands grabbed little fistfuls of his shirt as her head tilted back, letting him kiss her deeper. Sam’s mind was foggy for exactly how long this went on, but it was wonderful.

Eventually, he was able to ask, “so... I guess you like the present?”

“Which part?” asked Quorra dreamily.

“Uh... the book was the only actual part of the present.”

“Oh. Yes.” She gave him another small, light kiss. “But I like this part, too.”
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13th-Jun-2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed :)
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13th-Jun-2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) They really *are* darn cute, aren't they?
13th-Jun-2011 04:36 am (UTC)
So cute. Great job!
13th-Jun-2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
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