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warm. radiant. beautiful.

Sam x Quorra
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Shipper Community for Tron's Sam and Quorra
about us
This is a shipper community dedicated to Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron: Legacy and the Tron-verse in general. Here you can post fics, graphics, vids, and general rambling comments about your love for the pairing.

community rules
- Be polite and civil to your fellow members, and avoid flaming or character bashing.

- All posts should be about Sam and Quorra in some capacity. Do not make off-topic or introductory posts, or post promotional entries without prior permission from a moderator. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

- Graphics bigger than 300x300 pixels should be placed under a cut. Teasers for bigger posts are allowed.

- If you're posting fanfiction please remember to rate all stories properly and ensure that all NC-17 rated fanfics have to be marked as such (IE: Adult content notice.)

- Tag your entries accordingly, a list of available tags can be found here

- Questions? Doubts? Suggestions? Please PM luckytohaveher or kinky_carter.

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